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Aderinsola Akintilo is a digital consultant and designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. With a Masters from Carnegie Mellon University in Human Computer Interaction, Aderinsola is on a mission to build global alliances throughout Nigeria and the African diaspora.


He's been privileged to work with a broad variety of clients, ranging from: NASA, Nike, FedEx, Cigna, Gokada, Daimler, Palo Alto Health Sciences, Hemex Health and PepsiCo. Over the past 5 years, he worked on healthcare, transportation, and technology projects. In addition, Aderinsola is passionate about working on infrastructure projects within the: energy, agriculture, and education sectors. He utilizes design as a process and a way of thinking: what is the best way to solve this problem?

Aderinsola has experience: organizing and leading interviews on research assignments, leading stakeholder meetings for product priorization and grooming, managing software teams, building technical software documentation, crafting research and project findings documentation, re-branding a company, helping businesses transition into more digital focused lens, and ensuring that a product or service is simple and what customers need.